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2 Part Available in :1 , 4 , 20 Litre A & B

Powergro hydroponic solution was developed by an Agronomist who has been involved in Horticulture for over 35 yrs .
The great benefits of Powergro are :

Fewer nutrient changes and better balanced products ,giving healthier crops. 42% stronger nutrient which means more money in your pocket. Needs only to be changed every 3-4 weeks when using GOOD QUALITY water ie: water not exceeding 150ppm.The same nutrients can be used for seedlings and clones .Even the best nutrient wont compensate for poor ventilation so ensure that the inline fans are balanced with outlet extraction fans to establish a positive air flow.

2 Part Available in : 1 , 4 , 20 litre A & B

Cocofeed has been developed in response to the increasing use of coconut fibre or coco peat.
Coco Peat has several characteristics that called for a modified nutrient.Coco peat contains varying amounts of salt depending on its source.
Nulife Technologies Cocofeed has increased amounts of calcium to cope with this problem. The added calcium displaces the salt in the coco peat and it is washed out through the drainage water .

Coco peat continues to decompose once it is wet. In order to do this it robs the nutrient of its nitrogen. This makes it unavailable to the plants. Nulifes Cocofeed takes account of this by supplying more nitrogen in the CORRECT FORM for use by the microbes which are responsible for the decomposition. Cocofeed is also suitable for soil growing due to the balance of the nutrients and the technology used to construct Cocofeed.


Single part available in :  1 , 4 , 20 Litre

Hypergro contains all the nutrients essential for plant growth.

contains not only the highest percentage of calcium any of the clear single part nutrients available but in addition, contains compounds not contained in any other nutrient. These compounds allow the plant to take up more nutrient than it would normally. In effect the plant is being “forced fed".


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre, 20 litre

The technological breakthrough came when we were able to isolate the very substance that plants use to fight disease.
As with all our products, AU60 ROOT REPAIR has undergone extensive trials.

To put it quite simply AU60 ROOT REPAIR fights disease FOR the plant. This allows the plant to flourish uninhibited by disease and grow bigger, stronger and healthier
AU60 ROOT REPAIR is not a toxic pesticide. It’s an organic, naturally occurring substance that controls disease.


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre, 20 litre

QUICKSTART is a unique blend of plant nutrients and natural vitamins and hormones which combine to have a synergistic effect on strike rate and subsequent growth of clones.
This totally unique formula enables the clone to act like a complete plant EVEN THOUGH IT HAS NO ROOTS.

The benefit of this is that there is virtually no interruption to growth processes thus producing better quality plants


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre

WEIGHTPLUS POTASSIUM is a highly concentrated form of Potassium and Phosphorous which, when added to the nutrient solution in the bloom phase of plants, allows for luxury uptake of weight producing potassium.
Potassium is used by the plant in a great number of its processes. It is so important that the plant will take up amounts in excess of its needs. This extra potassium is used in the construction of the cell walls of the plant and so adds to the weight of the final plant.


Available in 500 ml, 1 litre, 4 Litre

STOPWILT PLANT TONIC is an innovation in the battle to maintain plant health in the face of disease symptoms.

Until now there has been little protection against the effect of root disease in hydroponic systems and these diseases often play havoc with crops in these systems. Experience has shown that adding STOPWILT to the system has prevented the symptoms and assisted the recovery of plants attacked by root disease STOPWILT acts by maintaining turgor in the stomatal guard cells, thus preventing wilting and allowing the plants own immune system to do the job of combating disease.

It is very safe to use and is not hazardous to health.


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre, 20 litre

NULIFE MEGAYIELD is an organic additive designed to increase bud size and the overall crop yield of your favorite plants. MEGAYIELD contains natural amino acids, vitamins, specialist flowering hormone and anti stress formula plus over 40 macro and micro nutrients including the metals copper, zinc, gold and silver.


Available in 500 ml,1 litre, 4 Litre, 20 litre

MEGAYIELD GOLD is a revolutionary NEW product on the market. This formula is an EXPERTLY crafted mixture of vitamins, minerals, plant hormones and plant extracts that are designed to ACCELERATE cell growth which in turn BOOSTS plant growth and immune system stimulant that protects the plants from the effects of stress like NO OTHER supplement can.

is specially designed for use in all stages of plant growth from clones to fully mature plants. MEGAYIELD GOLD is the BEST hydroponic additive and is also the perfect soil supplement.


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre


The problem of slow initial growth affects many crops. Quite often this problem is caused by a lack of nitrogen that, in itself, has a number of causes. In recirculating systems, denitrification may occur due to a lack of oxygen in the system. There is quite a demand for oxygen not only by the plant but also by various bacteria within the system.

NITROBOOST is compounded from slow and fast release forms of organic nitrogen and is an inexpensive method of overcoming most deficiencies.

Available in 500 ml, 1 litre, 4 Litre

Power Active is a CROP SPECIFIC culture of beneficial bacteria that are known to give increased growth when associated with the roots of crops.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS these bacteria have been isolated and cultured specifically for hydroponic systems and crops under HID lights.
Every milliliter of culture contains millions of bacteria ready to start work in your crop IMMEDIATELY.

Experience shows that these bacteria make nutrients more available to the plants roots. They are able to displace root disease organisms and synthesize hormones and vitamins. These hormones and vitamins are available to the plants as the bacteria colonize the plant roots creating cleaner systems, increased vigour, healthier roots, stronger stems and increased yields.


Available in 250 ml , 1 Litre

Used to adjust pH to a higher & lower levels.


Available in 250 ml , 1 Litre

Used to set pH meter.


Available in 250 ml , 1 Litre

Used to set EC meter


Available in 1 litre, 4 Litre, 20 litre

Bushmaster Growth and Bloom has been designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast. Bushmaster was designed for hydroponics plants grown in a soil medium either grown under lights or outdoors. For Hydroponic plants grown in a soil medium Bushmaster is best used daily for six days a week and given just water on the seventh day to flush any build up of salts in the soil.

Bushmaster can also be used on all garden plants weekly during summer and fortnightly during winter at the rates described. As the names suggest growth is for leaf and stem growth and Bloom is designed to promote flowing and if a fantastic product for all flowing plants.


Available in 1 litre, 20 litre

Rose Magic is a specifically designed complete rose food. Rose Magic has the same suite of nutrients used by the best commercial growers and is now available to the home gardener.
Rose Magic is guaranteed to bring extra vigour to your bushes and extra vibrancy to your flowers. We have achieved this result in two parts, firstly in a technological breakthrough we combined the major elements N:P:K and Magnesium with Calcium. Normally you won’t find Calcium in a blend with all the other major elements.

The second part or the equation is a unique and specialy targeted blend of chelated trace elements specifically designed for roses resulting in the best and most complete liquid rose food on the market today.

Rose Magic may also be used as a foliar fertilizer. Use at one-quarter strength and wet the foliage thoroughly. Do not use if temperatures above 30 C are expected within 2 hours of spraying. Continuous use of Rose magic will build soil fertility and enhance microbial action within the soil.



Available in 1 litre, 20 litre

Indoor & Patio plant food is the very same formulation that the top nurseries use on their greenhouse crops. By feeding your plants Indoor & Patio you can achieve the same results as these nurseries – lush, healthy foliage growth and vibrant flower colours.

Indoor & Patio is specially designed complete plant food for all plants in containers.
Indoor & Patio takes a unique approach to do this. It supplies all the plants nutrient requirements, properly balanced, including Calcium and Magnesium-two elements often left out of standard plant foods. This is especially important in worn out potting soils. It is an accepted fact that plants will only grow as well as the least available amount of nutrient will allow them to. In other words, if one essential element is completely missing, the plant will stop growing. If it is in short supply they will only grow very slowly.

Indoor & Patio has the full range of essential nutrients. The second part of the equation is to stimulate the dormant soil microbes. Indoor & Patio contains liquid organics and humates that will do this job every time it is used. Over time the microbial activity will rebuild the organic matter around the plants roots, which brings with it all the benefits of an organically and microbiologically active soil.



Available in 50ml & 100ml

U-Turn is designed to control the growth of container grown plants by stopping the wood and leaf growth and there for turning all the plants energy into producing the flower.


Available in 100ml & 200 ml

Full Bloom Flower Enhancer is designed to help set the fruit and to help increase the size and weight of the fruit.


Available in 100 ml & 250 ml

For the prevention of Scarid Fly infestation
Best used by spraying on to growing medium once a week trying to avoid contact with plant.

Scarid 10 is a concentrate and should be applied at a rate of 30ml per litre of water.



Available in 100 ml

Is used as a foliate for the control of mites. KILL-A-MITE is a concentrate and requires only 1 ml to a litre of water. 100ml bottle of KILL-A-MITE will make 100 litres of Mite Terminator spray.
Best used twice with an initial spray then followed  by a second spray seven days later to ensure any eggs hatched are killed also.



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